WBA’s Pro Bono Program

Westmoreland County Bar Association pic

Westmoreland County Bar Association
Image: westbar.org

With close to 12 years of experience serving higher education institutions in legal advisory positions, Imogene L. Cathey now holds the position of general counsel of Seton Hill University. Among Imogene L. Cathey’s affiliations is her involvement with the Westmoreland County Bar Association (WBA).

WBA is a voluntary association of attorneys who practice law predominantly in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. It has approximately 500 members and is one of the oldest lawyer’s organizations in Pennsylvania. The association’s goal is to foster excellence among its members in their relationships with clients and the community.

One of WBA’s initiatives is its Pro Bono Program. The program was formed with the Westmoreland Bar Foundation to assist Laurel Legal Services, Inc., in providing qualified clients within the county with the best legal representation possible, from attorneys who volunteer their time without charge.

The program handle cases such as custody, divorce, landlord/tenant law, bankruptcy, simple wills, and many others. It does not handle traffic offenses like DUI and DWI, nor does it handle criminal cases, or contingency cases that may result in a fee being generated for an attorney.


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