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Choosing a New Dog


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Choosing a New Dog

Imogene L. Cathey is an attorney in Greensburg, Pennsylvania who currently holds the position of General Counsel for Seton Hill University. Like many people throughout the world, Imogene L. Cathey describes herself as a dog lover and considers the keeping of dogs to be one of her hobbies.

Though it requires a fair amount of work and money, owning a dog is a rewarding experience for both the dog owner and their pet. This is true for virtually any dog available for adoption, though it is widely known that some breeds can be more or less compatible with certain individuals or families, depending on the individual or family’s lifestyle and preferences.

Adoption is a viable option for many people who desire to have a dog as a pet. One’s lifestyle and living situation are the first things to take into account when choosing a dog to adopt. Those who live in a small apartment without a yard should seek a breed of dog that isn’t very large and doesn’t require much exercise. On the contrary, families with a lot of young children or active individuals looking for a running partner would find a large, active dog to be a perfect fit. Your lifestyle will help determine your requirements for a potential pet’s size, exercise requirements, and compatibility with children, among other factors.

While some people don’t care whether they adopt a so-called “mutt,” others prefer a purebred dog to ensure their new pet complies with all of the factors listed above, based on a breed’s typical personality and countenance, their “breed standard.” However, the size and personality of most mixed breeds can easily be predicted or discovered before a dog is adopted. Mixed breeds are also less likely to have genetic defects than many purer breeds.

To make a final decision, one needs to actually visit an adoption center and experience the available dogs first-hand. They should consider each dog’s age and assertiveness, and may want to ask an adoption counselor about the dog’s compatibility with children. Adoption counselors will be able to answer most questions one might have, and will be happy to assist with the adoption process.